Organize Your Space

Organize Your Space

Who doesn't need or want this service at some point in their life? Whether I'm called in to redesign a room, stage a home for sale or help a small business get started, each job always begins with organizing.

I don't know about you but I find it just about impossible to work in an area that is messy and disorganized. Someone once said that a messy desk was a sign of genius. Maybe so, but that genius is most likely always on the verge of total frustration.

I have a knack for organization and de-cluttering and I actually enjoy doing it. Here's what I can help you with:

  • Organizing / Decluttering
  • Downsizing / Simplifying
  • Organizing a move in or out of a home
  • Organizing records & storage for small business
  • Organize Your Space
  • Office layout and decorating
  • Closet layout, shelving & other storage ideas
  • Kitchen organizing & storage
  • Pet areas - organizing & storage - where to store the pet food, where to locate the litter boxes, sleeping areas, organizing pet records, etc.

Costs vary according to the clients' needs and/or choices from the above list, the square footage and overall scope of the project, travel if necessary, and other factors.

My space organization & design service makes a fantastic and very original gift. Please inquire about our gift certificates or periodic maintenance plans.


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